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The Short family has been at the heart of the Australian hospitality industry since 1969, when husband and wife team Warwick and Ros Short began owning and operating hotels such as The Stoned Crow, Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel, The Marlborough in Newtown, The Racecourse Hotel in Randwick, and Scubar Downunder in Sydney Central.

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From Humble Beginnings to a Sydney Icon.

Warwick was always a firm believer in the values of pride, passion and personality. He believed in the importance of being proud of your work, had a huge passion for the hospitality industry, and used his charismatic personality to create the best possible experiences for customers and staff.

After Warwick sadly passed away, siblings Martin Short and Paris Ballantyne, along with mother Ros Short, created W. Short Hospitality in loving memory of their publican father and husband, with the aim of continuing his legacy and instilling his beliefs into its pubs, hotels and staff.

Today, W.Short Hospitality owns and operates some of New South Wales’s most iconic pubs and hotels, including The Australian Heritage Hotel and The Royal in Leichhardt, and are former owners of Scubar Downunder in Sydney Central.


Warwick (Wog) Short was a leader and innovator in transforming the hose-out pubs of the 60s through various incarnations in the 80s and 90s to the sophisticated establishments of the contemporary Sydney bar scene.

Between his first bars, the legendary Stoned Crow and the Great Australian Wine Company as well as The Australian Hotel, Cargo, Loft and Bungalow 8, he shaped some of Sydney’s favourite watering hotels including Jacksons on George, The Bridgeview Hotel and the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel.

Warwick is remembered for his great personality, wonderful sense of humour, courage as well as his enthusiasm and passion for hospitality. Warwick always had a story to tell, a joke to share and a way of making people feel they were ‘in’ on them.

This was accentuated through the hotel industry where he was able to widen his embrace to draw so many people of various walks of life into his circle. Staff, managers and patrons of Warwick’s Hotels all felt the warmth he radiated.

Our Values

While we value innovation, we never lose sight of the timeless principles that have shaped hospitality. Warm welcomes, exceptional service, and a commitment to patrons and local communities.

At Welcome Hospitality, you'll experience the best of both worlds—traditional community values with a contemporary twist.

We're here to welcome you, whether you're an old friend or a newcomer to our world.

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